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Lake San Antonio

This past Saturday, we headed down to Lake San Antonio with our friends from church. It only got up to upper 50s so the water was chilly but it didn't stop any of us from having a good time. It also helped that the sun remained shining the entire time and one of us own and brought his jet ski!

Nathaniel loves any type of water and it was very difficult to keep him off of it. I wanted to wait until his Daddy gets back from renting a pantoon boat with the others before I let him play in the water but there was just no way I could him in dry land. I finally let him play on the shallow part since I figured this is also a good opportunity for me to let go and let him get messy. I'm really trying to let him be a boy (boys = dirt & mess) and not worry too much about the mess.

Of course, playing in the water is hard work and works up quite an appetite.

As the adults finish eating lunch, the kids played in the water (with our rented boat in the background).

Nathaniel hated wearing his lifevest (which was required in order for him to get in the boat) because it was constricting his neck movements. But he didn't notice as long as he was in the water.

When we were finally in the boat, Nathaniel was afraid of the noisy engine and wild wind but just a little reassurance from Daddy was all he needed to calm down.


 Adults skiing first to make sure everything is perfect and safe for the kids...

Hubby's turn next!

 {to be continued}

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  1. Wonderful shots. Looks like you all had a blast! I found you through Supermom: Friend Finding Friday. I am your newest follower through Google Friend Connect. I'll look forward to getting better acquainted.

  2. What a fun day! Your baby is the sweetest! It is hard to let them get dirty and be boys, isn't it? : ) Believe me, the older they get, the less you can control it! I love your adventure : )

    Thanks for linking up with us at Communal Global! So glad to have you. Would you mind popping a link to Communal Global in your post? Thanks a million ba jillion!

  3. Looks like you all had a fun time! Love the photos of your little one with dad. Such precious moments!


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