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Project 365: Week 13

Week 13: March 26th to April 1st

85  The making of husband's birthday cake (see 86/365)

86  Rich Lemon Curd cake; Hubby's birthday cake #1 shared with our friends at Church

87  Red Velvet Bonfire cake; Hubby's birthday cake #2 shared with his co-workers

88 Tickling Nathaniel with my foot :) I just love his belly laugh! Such wonderful music to my soul.

89  My little pescetarian; eating an apple for mid-morning snack

90  Curious little hand touching a budding rose bush

91  April Fools' Day treat: Faux Chicken Nuggets---pound cake covered in finely ground peanuts; vanilla pudding as honey mustard sauce. I brought it to Hubby's picnic at work and it was a hit!

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