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105.5F Fever & Mother's Day

Nathaniel was sick as a dog this past week. It started with a fever Sunday evening and his temperature just proceeded to go up over the next few days. By Wednesday afternoon, his fever was as high as 105.5F and it took a lot for me as a mother and a former nurse to not just rush and go straight to the hospital.

We went to see his pediatrician that same afternoon and she told us that Nathaniel is just fighting a really, really nasty virus. At that point, all we could do is monitor him and treat it symptomatically. He was also tested for strep throat (even though he is really too young to get it) because his throat were red and swollen. Fortunately, the result was negative. So on Thursday, I spent the whole day deep cleaning and disinfecting the house, in hopes that we could get rid of this virus.

These first few photos were taken that Wednesday and I should have known something was not right. Nathaniel doesn't nap on his own (he needs someone to lay down with him) and after a 45 minute nap, that's when I discovered his ridiculously high temperature. His fever stayed up between 101-103 for a few more days after that even with medication. And today is actually the first 24 hours that Nathaniel hasn't had any antipyretics since a week ago yesterday. He is still sick and actually developed diarrhea and cough on top of the runny nose but he at least does not have a fever anymore and his appetite is slowly coming back.

But I still had a great mother's day yesterday with my two favorite boys. After church, we had lunch then shopped for spices (I didn't know cardamom is super expensive!). We also went to Starbucks for the happy hour, where I enjoyed a delicious Mocha Coconut Frappuccino. Then later that afternoon, Dean napped with Nathaniel for FOUR hours (he was still quite sick), so I used that time to edit photos from my photoshoot last Saturday.

My mother's day gift is "on hold" because I can't decide if I want a necklace from The Vintage Pearl or a homemade canvas. I'm really leaning towards the canvas but since we are moving in less than three weeks(!), it is best if we just wait. But really, I'm just glad to have spent a wonderful day yesterday with my husband and son. Most days, I am still at awe that I am a mother.

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Our preacher's sermon this past Sunday was about the great qualities and importance of Mothers. However, instead of feeling "important," I looked at my husband with a scared look and said "Wow, I could really mess up our kids." It is no doubt that mothers play a very important part in their children's lives and I pray every night that I am good enough to raise good, kind and God-fearing children. And I know God believes in me that I am capable of this because He has truly blessed me and granted my dreams beyond what I had imagined.

God really is good.

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  1. Yikes! Poor babe! Hope he continues to be on the mend. Love that last shot!

  2. Poor baby! Mine is sick, too. He has Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease...but without the hand and foot part. He only has the painful mouth sores. I KNEW something was wrong with him.

    Mothering is scary. What a huge impact to have on a tiny person. I have told my husband before that I'm afraid I'll mess up and "ruin" our son. I am going to order some of Dr. James Dobson's parenting books, especially Bringing Up Boys.

    Hope he gets to feeling better very soon!

  3. Oh poor boy! Hope he gets well soon! Take care Diana and yes, trust in our Lord to provide and watch over our child!

  4. Aww... poor little guy. I feel so bad for him. Such a sweet heart. I hope he is feeling better soon! Beautiful images of you and your precious little one. Such a wonderful thought... HE does believe in you! :)

  5. Aw, poor kiddo! Hope he feels better really soon!!


  6. Poor baby. But beautiful shots. Happy belated mother's day.

  7. Poor little guy! Great shots!


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