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When we were in Indiana earlier this month, we spent a lovely afternoon catching up with family/church friends. And after a delicious meal and fellow-shipping, Nathaniel and little Miss Katie went outside to play with bubbles.

I tried bubbles with Nathaniel a couple of months ago but it always ended up badly because he wanted to blow the bubbles himself. This time however, he had a great time catching the bubbles with Katie!

Katelynn truly is a blessing from God. She was born prematurely but she has blossomed into a beautiful big girl!

Emily (Katie's grandma) gave me tomato, dill, basil, and oregano plants that I am finally planting to a proper place this weekend. The Texas sun has not been too kind so I'm resorting to container vegetable garden so I could move them if necessary.

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Nathaniel and I hope to see them all again when we go back to Indiana in a few weeks for my nephew's second birthday!


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  2. Amazing bubble captures and love the b&w!

  3. Hi from your latest follower. I found you blog hopping. Love the photos. What a gorgeous little man. Be sure to check out me out at Sarah

  4. Just hopping along...I love the bubble pics! The kiddos look like they are having so much fun!

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