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Project 365: Week 21

Week 21: May 21st to May 27th

141 After dropping off my mom and hubby's best friend to the San Jose airport, we stopped by Gilroy, CA to buy fresh picked cherries.

142 Nathaniel's first time roller skating. Our last outing with our church family in Marina, CA.

143  Homemade Baklava. Tedious work but oh so delicious! Recipe found here.

144  While the movers where packing our house, Hubby and Nathaniel went on an adventure walk and they found this little caterpillar. They eventually set it free and hoped it will turn into a beautiful butterfly.

145  Sunset at I-40 in New Mexico. Day 1 of 4-day road trip from California to Indiana.

146  The Appalachian Mountains viewed in my side view mirror (I-40 in Arizona). I liked how the pavement blended with the mirror. Day 2 of 4-day road trip from California to Indiana.

147  Silly little boy after a bath at his great-grandparents house in Missouri. Day 3 of 4-day road trip from California to Indiana.

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  1. Adorable photos. Hope your move goes smoothly! Thanks so much for linking up!


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