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Project 365: Week 23

Week 23: June 4th to June 10th

155  Nathaniel loving on my cat, Pepper. (Nathaniel says "ow" instead of "meow")

156  Having fun with bubbles with little Miss Katie

157  One of Mom's beautiful flowers in her garden

158  Spending alone time with our dog Riley; she's not going to Texas with us :(

159  I let Nathaniel "drive" to keep him busy when filling up gas during our road trips; (on our way to Missouri)

160  Playing the piano at Nathaniel's great-grandparents house in Missouri

161  Joplin, MO after the tornado; (about 13 miles from where my husband's grandparents live)

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  1. Hello Ms.D. Anna here.I love that bubbles. I like your blog a lot. I will soon have a customized blog design.I want to do the 365 you've been doing.Can you tell me more about it?Thanks! at

  2. Love that piano shot! Have a lovely weekend Diana! :)


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