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Project 365: Week 24

Week 24: June 11th to June 17th

162  Hugging a tree with Nathaniel's first cousins once-removed (Hubby's first cousin). It was the first time they have seen each other and Nathaniel was smitten by them. He followed the girls young ladies all day and wanted to do every thing they did. I think the feeling was mutual, too :)

163  Hubby with his maternal grandparents. I love visiting them and I always leave their house with tons of family recipes :) (On our way to Texas)

164  Strawberry-Mango margarita. It was huge; barely drank half of it.

165  Hubby and Baby playing outside while I cook our first dinner in our new home in Texas.

166  Half-birthday boy about to go down the slide (1.5 years old); we celebrated his half-birthday early with his great-grandparents, great-aunt and uncle, and first cousins once-removed while we were in Missouri.

167  Keeping Nathaniel entertained while I waiting for the Commissary to re-open. There was a change in security level at the base and no one was allowed in or out of the buildings.

168  Aloha Chicken; too bad Hubby didn't get to eat it because he didn't come home from work till 10:30pm.

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  1. That chicken looks delicious! Was it easy to make. Looks like a wonderful week. Nathaniel is so cute. Thanks for linking up.

  2. you really inspired me with all your pictures Diana.Thanks for dropping by to read my latest post.I am still laughing thinking about the embarrasment I am going to give her hahaha.Anyway,so the 365 is only for professional photographer like you?? It is totally a commitment huh?
    Your son is adorable. arent you planning to have a second one??


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