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The Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today (June 21, 2011)

Outside my window... 99 degrees and my first daybook in San Angelo, TX! And I want to add that 99 degrees is actually cool. It's been 105+ since we got here a little over a week ago.

I am thinking... about my tomato plants that needs planting! A family/church friend from Indiana gave them to me when we were in town and I reeeeally need to move them out of those tiny pots and into a proper place. The delimma: I need a place that's sunny but not in direct line of the Texas sun. I accidentally placed them in what I thought would be a shady part all day and they wilted :( But just like Hubby said, they perked right up after watering.

I am thankful for... a house that now looks like a home! I just realized this morning that every thing is unpacked and we just have a few organizing left to do. Yay!

From the kitchen... for the first time, I have more cabinets, drawers, and counter space than I actually have stuff to put on/fill them with. I love my kitchen except it gets really hot in there when cooking/baking :(

I am wearing... t-shirt, shorts

I am going... nowhere.

I am reading... nothing :( Hoping to start reading again after unpacking/organizing the house is done.

I am hoping... to have the boxes out of here by the end of the week.

I am hearing... Nathaniel playing with his pinwheel.

Around the house... boxes; at least they are empty!

One of my favorite things... homemade bread.

Inspired by the church song... Sing to Me of Heaven

"Sing to me of Heaven, as I walk alone,
Dreaming of the comrades that so long have gone;
In a fairer region ’mong the angel throng,
They are happy as they sing that old, sweet song.

Sing to me of Heaven, let me fondly dream,
Of its golden glory, of its pearly gleam;
Sing to me when shadows of the evening fall,
Sing to me of heaven, sweetest song of all."

A few plans for the rest of the week...
  • Hubby begins his top secret class tomorrow; seriously I'm not kidding about the top secret.
  • Taking Nathaniel to his first baseball game on Friday
  • Continue organizing the house
Here is a (iPhone) picture I am sharing... 6.21.11 Nathaniel wanted his bear Mr. Calimlim to nap with us.

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  1. Such a busy, exciting time putting together a place called home. Happy Day to you!

  2. Moving is a big job! Sounds exciting for you though. There truly is 'no place like home'!Precious picture of your little guy sleeping.

  3. awww...what an adorable photo!
    best wishes with the moving.
    and WOWZA...could you please send some of that sunshine! that's warm!
    beautiful journaling chickie!

  4. Such a cute baby:)

    Hi there.
    Following from the Friday hop.
    I hope you have a chance to stop by and say hi:)

  5. So - how crazy is this - I used to live in San Angelo!!! My husband went to Tech School there and we lived on base for 6 months. We then got our orders which brought us up to Abilene - just an hour or so north of there!!! What a small world! Anyway - I know how crazy how it can be! Thank the LORD for AC right?! We are now in England for the next few years so hitting the 70's seems hot to me. ha ha What a joke right?! Anyway, so glad I found your blog - super cute :)


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