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Daniel - Two Years Old

My nephew Daniel is two years old today! We had his big party this past Saturday and today was celebrated with closest family and friends with a dinner at his family's favorite Japanese Sushi Steakhouse.

Daniel has such a fun spirit and a happy-go-lucky toddler. He is a huge fan of Thomas the Train and Go Diego, Go! He can now also sing the ABC Song and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. And although some words definitely sound made up, he sure got the tune right!

He loves playing with my son and for that I'm very thankful! They only see each other a few times a year but they always have a great time together. Last Monday, I came over to watch him for a few hours and he was so disappointed when he found out Nathaniel wasn't with me! (N was at my in-laws)

This is definitely one of the times I wish we lived closer to our family. How I would love spend more time with this little munchkin! And I'm sure that feeling will just get stronger when his little sister makes her arrival this late November.

Happy second birthday, Little D!


  1. Happy Birthday to him! I'm loving my two year old to pieces!!

  2. Happy birthday to your handsome nephew!! Terrific 2 stage is awesome! ;)


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