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Nathaniel was in dire need of a haircut and I finally took him yesterday. Strangers were starting to refer to him as a girl on a regular basis!

His Daddy took him to his last haircut a few months ago and Nathaniel sat on his lap. I wasn't there (which honestly made me sad) but Hubby said Nathaniel did well until they had to use the clipper.

This time around, Nathaniel wasn't too happy! He didn't want to use the cover and he really got agitated when the hair stylist started cutting the hair near his ears.

Thankfully, I thought to bring a candy. I suspected he wouldn't handle this very well especially since we went around his naptime.

He sat still and behaved for the rest of the haircut. He actually got so preoccupied with eating the sucker and watching cartoons that he didn't want to leave when it was finished!

I know it's just a silly, little haircut but it always makes me sad seeing him with his new, short hair. Nathaniel always looks older and it's just another reminder that my son is not a baby anymore :(

The above photo also shows his first head injury. He tripped two days ago and hit his head on the concrete pavement. As a former neuro-ICU nurse, I immediately thought of the worse but Nathaniel was over it after a few minutes.


  1. So cute! Those suckers are like magic :)

    Poor baby on the head injury! I'm sure that was scary.


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