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Project 365: Week 29

Week 29: July 16th to July 22nd

197  My sister with her beautiful family (and a baby girl on the way!) during my nephew's second birthday party; Diego cake made by yours truly :)

198  Nathaniel's Bible; He always plays with ours and we constantly have to tell him to be gentle with the super thin pages---this way he can do whatever he wants with his Bible.

199  Spending time with my nephew Daniel who loves trains.

200  After dinner, we saw a duck pond behind the restaurant and Nathaniel chased the ducks.

201  Catching the water at the splash park with church/family friends.

202  Checking out the toys; My mom likes to call this a free playground.

203  My super adorable toddler at the Indianapolis Children's museum. There was a Dora and Diego exhibit/play area and Nathaniel was SO happy!

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