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Nathaniel is definitely NOT a picker eater---and for that we're very grateful! Ever since he started eating solids at six months old, he started eating adult "table food." He hated the taste/texture of baby food and so I had to cut our food to the littlest pieces just so he can eat them safely.

I am also enjoying this independent stage. I love that he is now able to feed himself. I used to stuff myself eat super quickly because I have to feed a hungry infant, too. Or eat after everyone is finished, which means I'm super duper hungry and I eat alone.

But now, I just put a pretty big size of food on his plate and off he goes. He even knows how to drink the milk in his cereal bowl! I bet you can pretty much guess who he learned it from. *cough* Hubby *cough*

Now that's a pretty awesome milk 'stache.

And although I already gave him half of what I normally eat, he asks for more.

He was starting to get pretty irritated with me in the above photo because I already acknowledged his "more" sign and yet I'm still taking pictures instead of getting more milk and cereal.

Cereal bowl refilled. All better.


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