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Losing Steam

I'm slowly but oh so surely losing steam with my Project 365. I am currently on Week 32, which really I am more than halfway over to being finished. I know I should just push through (just 21 more weeks, right?) and that I will really regret it if I didn't finish this.

This project has become more of a photo diary, too instead of challenging myself everyday to improve my photography skills and be more creative. This doesn't bother me as much since I enjoy looking back at my collages and seeing what we did that week.

But I feel like I'm taking pictures of the same thing over and over again. I am just running out of ideas. And I'm very uninspired :(

Out of ideas + uninspired = bad combo.

I also feel like I'm being limited with my 50mm f/1.4. I love this lens very much but I am really missing the zooming capabilities. I still only own a 70-300mm (nearly impossible to take pictures indoors) and the kit lens but I may put that on my camera just for a change of pace. But really, I'm hoping to own this baby, soon. And my birthday is in a week. So if you want, you can pitch in so I can get that sucker even sooner :)