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Losing Steam

I'm slowly but oh so surely losing steam with my Project 365. I am currently on Week 32, which really I am more than halfway over to being finished. I know I should just push through (just 21 more weeks, right?) and that I will really regret it if I didn't finish this.

This project has become more of a photo diary, too instead of challenging myself everyday to improve my photography skills and be more creative. This doesn't bother me as much since I enjoy looking back at my collages and seeing what we did that week.

But I feel like I'm taking pictures of the same thing over and over again. I am just running out of ideas. And I'm very uninspired :(

Out of ideas + uninspired = bad combo.

I also feel like I'm being limited with my 50mm f/1.4. I love this lens very much but I am really missing the zooming capabilities. I still only own a 70-300mm (nearly impossible to take pictures indoors) and the kit lens but I may put that on my camera just for a change of pace. But really, I'm hoping to own this baby, soon. And my birthday is in a week. So if you want, you can pitch in so I can get that sucker even sooner :)


  1. This is a cute series - love the first one.

  2. Advance Happy Bday Diana. I am pretty sure you will get that "baby" that you want on your bday.With all your hardwork on taking good pictures ,your husband should give that to you as a gift.
    21 weeks ?I immediatly convert the weeks into months and Ohmy!! next month starts the BER month and I am pretty sure Christmas will be here soon.
    I wish I can do the 365 project,looks like fun,but I can feel how hard it is to think of subjects because you think you have done everything..but hey,this project is awesome!
    You need to start sending your wishlist to hubby since you only have one week to go. I wish I have a nice lens too..And I wish I take good pictures too.

  3. Adorable captures, such a sweetheart! I too have noticed my 365 has been going down hill. I see lots of holes in my calender over the past month or so, ugh.

  4. I would give anything just to have a working kit lens, lol! You might try some photo challenge... they are good for both inspiration and learning :) I have a page of my favs on my blog


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