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Swimming Lessons

We signed Nathaniel up for a 30-minute twice a week swimming class at the local Y for the month of August. So far, he is doing great and has been enjoying himself at the same time.

But he still gets scared and cries---and then he clings to you like an octopus.

Mostly because he doesn't like being dunked under water. But then, who does, right? I know it seems cruel but it's a way to get him get used to being under water.

Then he learns how to blow bubbles in the water...

...and how to get off the pool---a very important skill to know especially at this young age!

"Yay, buddy!"

"That's right, Daddy! Did you see that? Did you see me do it ALL by myself?!" :)

And of course, they teach him how to kick and paddle.


We understand Nathaniel is too young to fully grasp the concept and learn how to swim but we want to expose him now to get him more comfortable with water. I never took swimming lessons as a child and I can barely float to save my life. My husband is an excellent swimmer and I know he cannot wait until Nathaniel is old enough to REALLY play with him.