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"Uuk" (Book)

Nathaniel is big lover of books recently. Most days, his first word/request when I pick him up from his crib in the morning is "uuk" (book) as he points to his bookshelf.

We read two to three books less than an hour of waking up and then I lose count for the rest of the day.

He sits quietly on your lap, listens and looks at the pictures. He especially enjoys reading with Daddy since my husband gets in character and gets really animated.

Nathaniel also enjoys looking at books by himself. Today, he was "helping" me do laundry when he suddenly walked away after a few minutes. I figured I'd finish loading the washer and then I'd go looking for him. I went to our bedroom and then checked the kitchen. I called out his name but no response.

That's when I knew to look for him in his room. Sure enough, I found him sitting on the chair with a book on his lap.

Pointing at a "burrd" (bird)


  1. Awwww... that's so good for him to have a passion for books! I hope Ben will be like me too! I'm a real bookworm as well! :P

  2. I love seeing kids enjoying books! not much can beat that!

  3. My little guy is the exact same way these days! I love it :)


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