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Fort Gordon, GA

This past weekend, we got orders for our next and permanent duty station. At the end of the year, we are hopefully settling and making our final move for this enlistment in Fort Gordon, Georgia! It really came as a shock because for years, they told us not to even consider going there; Because as a Marine, being assigned to Georgia is like a one in a millionth chance.

But one in the millionth chance it is! After getting over the initial shock and mourning the fact that we're not going to North Carolina, I am now super excited. It is the closest permanent duty station to our hometown. It is still an 11-hour drive but it beats 13-hours from Camp Lejeune or 33-hours from Camp Pendleton. Fort Gordon is also just hours away from the beautiful beaches of South Carolina and a little bit more to Disney World! There's also Savannah, GA, Charleston, SC, Gatlinburg, TN, New Orleans, LA, St. Augustine, FL. I can seriously keep going on about the places I hope to visit!

I am sad that I'll never experience a true Marine Corps base. Maybe on our next enlistment!


  1. Sounds Fun. My friend just moved to Georgia and she loves it.


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