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Just Another Day in Paradise

We went to Houston over the Labor Day weekend and spent the holiday with Dean's friend MacAskie and his family. We have met his family several times back when we lived in California and they visited Mac in Monterey. But this truly gave us the opportunity to get to know his family.

We all had such a wonderful time and we really felt at home. Rose, Mac's madre (that's what he calls her), cooked everything from scratch and the food was ohmygoodness-delicious. She really inspired me to cook everything from scratch more often/always.

Little One loves washing his hands

While we were there, we also had the pleasure of meeting Gabby (at Just Another Day in Paradise) and her precious family in person. After a quick lunch, we all headed to the Children's Museum of Houston where the kids played for hours.

I have been following her blog for almost two years now. We have so many things in common, which makes me feel like I can relate to her when I read her blog.

Our little ones are obviously similarly close in age---Cady is four months older than Nathaniel. But Gabby is also a Filipino, enjoys baking and hopes to pursue her photography professionally soon.

The Daddies have something in common, too. They are both Marines! Tim is a former Marine but we all know: Once a Marine, always a Marine. (You can see them talking in the background.)

The MacAskie family generously welcomed them to their house, too and we all had another delicious dinner. We played Taboo and the children got along really well. I am really glad we are able to meet this family and I hope that it will not be the last time.


  1. Those are darling pictures. How neat you get to meet a fellow blogger in person.


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