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Nathaniel went Trick-or-Treating for the first time this evening. We started practicing saying, "Trick or Treat!" yesterday evening and he was only able to say the "treat" part. However, by the time end of today, he was actually saying the whole thing! We opted to go the Safe Trick-or-Treat event going on at our local mall. It was perfect since Nathaniel would probably have only lasted a few houses before quitting. This way, there was very little walking done for his little feet but still able to get plenty of relatively good treats. Nathaniel was really surprised people were just handing him candies! Actually, the treat he likes the most isn't candy but football cards! He sure does love football just like his Daddy. His head injury from just over a little a week ago is starting to get small but it's still pretty visible. His loot! Not bad for an almost two year old :) Linking up to: Life with My 3 Boybarians: Sweet Shot

Scars are like tattoo but with better stories

Nathaniel had a little accident during the Halloween party I held for the little kids last Saturday. The little children were coming in and out to the backyard were a jungle gym/slide is located. Nathaniel tripped on his way outside and his head hit the sliding glass door tracks. He landed so perfectly on the tracks that he also cut his forehead on top of a goose egg. At first look, the cut seemed deep but surprisingly (and thankfully!), it didn't bleed too much. I worried mostly about head injury and as former Neuro-ICU nurse, I immediately thought of the worse. Concussion? Brain contusion? Epidural bleed? Increased intracranial pressure? Herniation?!?! He did become lethargic (which worried me at first) but it was because it was time for his nap anyway. But just to be sure, we kept him up for two hours. I was very thankful that I had Mommy-friends with me because I seriously forgot everything I learned in nursing school and just went into Mommy-panic mode. I was gett

Pumpkin Carving

Halloween is my husband's favorite holiday and it would just not be complete without carving a few pumpkins. So as soon as we got back from Pumpkin Patch , Hubby went straight to carving pumpkins. Hubby carved his two pumpkins: The haunted house and the Scare Crow holding a "welcome" sign; and Nathaniel's Spider. He also traced my Witch but I did the carving. Not bad for my first (almost) solo pumpkin carving! The Texas heat weren't gentle to them but they were really cool while they lasted! We also roasted the pumkin seeds and they were soooo delicious. Linking up to: and then, she {snapped}: show{off} your shot Leigh vs. Laundry: 52 Weeks of Happiness  

Project 365: Week 39

Week 39: September 24th to September 30th 267  Embutido : Filipino-style Meatloaf. Recipe found here . Taste just like my grandma's and I didn't know they were that easy to make. 268  Nathaniel looking at the Sea World's brochure. I think a trip down to San Antonio is needed asap. 269  Being nosy and watching our neighbors move. It will be our turn soon enough ! 270  Giving his little friend a hug . 271  Homemade pizza using leftover Chicken Diane Style as toppings. Recipe found here . 272  I asked him to smile and he gave me this :/ 273  All three of us were sick ALL. weekend. long. with a stomach virus. Hubby got it worse followed by the Little One. Needless to say, we stayed in our pajamas and just watched a bunch of movies.

The Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today (October 25, 2011) Outside my window...  Warm and sunny 86 degrees I am thinking... it has been waaaay too since my last SWDB! (August to be exact). I know it will get busy again with the Marine Corp Ball, the move (again!) and holidays coming up but I hope to keep doing this again more regularly. It is such a great and easy way to document what's going on in our lives. I am thankful for...  being able to spend the holidays with our family. We are moving and driving up to Dean's grandparents' house in MO just in time to spend Thanksgiving with them. Dean's family and his Uncle's family will be coming over, too! From the kitchen... makings for this recipe: Spicy Thai Noodles . I hope it's not too spicy! I am wearing... red top, dark-colored cloth pants I am going... to put Nathaniel down for a nap soon. I am reading... The Girl who Played with Fire by Steig Larsson I am hoping... Nathaniel's cut on his forehead will not leave a ma

Halloween Party for the Little Ones 2011

I had a Halloween Party for Nathaniel and his little friends yesterday. I prepared Halloween-themed food and crafts although we weren't able to do those because Nathaniel gave us a huge scare! He tripped and hit his head, which resulted in a cut and a huge bump---but that's for another post :) Other than the little accident, the party was a huge success. Mummy Motts Drink: Apple juice wrapped in crepe paper. Candy Corn Jello: Orange and Lemon layered Jello topped with whipped cream and candy corn candies. Nutty Ghost: Nutter Butter cookies dipped in Almond Bark white chocolate with mini-chocolate chips as eyes. (Nathaniel called these "Bear.") Mummy Dogs: Cheese hotdogs wrapped in crescent rolls served with "blood" (ketchup). Witch Hat: Kebbler Fudge Stripe cookies topped with Hershey Kisses and orange icing. Baby pumpkins from our visit to the Pumpkin Patch . Cake pops brought by one of the Mommies: Candy Corn, Witc

Just Hangin'

Another never-a-dull-moment-when-you-have-a-toddler brought to you by my almost two years old toddler boy: I mean, really?

Pumpkin Patch

Last Saturday, we drove two hours up north to Abilene so we could visit the nearest pumpkin patch. It wasn't even really a true pumpkin patch because the drought is just so terrible this year in Texas that all the crops failed. But nonetheless, we all had a great time and Nathaniel was slightly confused to see so many pumpkins in one place. I had a difficult time taking pictures because the sun was just too bright. I guess this is one of those moments where I just have to accept that they are not the best but they still preserve a great family moment. Nathaniel found a great way to tell good carving pumpkins vs. the not so great ones: by taking a bite out of it. :)   "I got this!" An adorable Pumpkin with pumpkins :) And we probably should invest on a nice tripod that way we can take family pictures instead of One with Baby and Daddy and One with Baby and Mommy. And there is just no way of making an almost two