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Halloween Party for the Little Ones 2011

I had a Halloween Party for Nathaniel and his little friends yesterday. I prepared Halloween-themed food and crafts although we weren't able to do those because Nathaniel gave us a huge scare! He tripped and hit his head, which resulted in a cut and a huge bump---but that's for another post :) Other than the little accident, the party was a huge success.

Mummy Motts Drink: Apple juice wrapped in crepe paper.

Candy Corn Jello: Orange and Lemon layered Jello topped with whipped cream and candy corn candies.

Nutty Ghost: Nutter Butter cookies dipped in Almond Bark white chocolate with mini-chocolate chips as eyes. (Nathaniel called these "Bear.")

Mummy Dogs: Cheese hotdogs wrapped in crescent rolls served with "blood" (ketchup).

Witch Hat: Kebbler Fudge Stripe cookies topped with Hershey Kisses and orange icing.

Baby pumpkins from our visit to the Pumpkin Patch.

Cake pops brought by one of the Mommies: Candy Corn, Witch Hat, Spider.

Southern Bell

Ms. Southern Bell's most adorable cow :)

Emma-bug as a Lady Bug

"Mel-mo" (Elmo)

"Py-er" (Spider)

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