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Moving... again.

I cannot believe that in a month, we will be moving once again. This makes move #2 just this year! So that means, in two years, we have lived in three states: Indiana, California and Texas.

I am already having to plan and finalize Thanksgiving, Nathaniel's birthday/party and Christmas plans/gifts now because we will be "homeless" from the middle of November till indefinitely. We're hoping to purchase a house at our new and permanent(!) duty station, therefore we won't know when we'll actually have a place to live.

I'm not very good at adjusting to changes and moving but I just try to take this opportunity to re-decorate our home and to de-clutter. And besides, when would we have had this opportunity to travel this much and see all these beautiful places if it wasn't for the Corps?

This photo series was taken a few weeks ago. Nathaniel was being nosy and watching our neighbors move. In just a few short weeks, that would be us. Again.

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