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Prison Break

It's tough being a prison warden of the Prison for Toddlers. The toddler always, always try to escape. And when the prison break is unsuccessful, it can get really ugly.

He may scream at you.

Throw every thing in his jail cell at you.

Including one of his favorite stuffed toys.

He may even shoot you.

So watch out. It's a very dangerous job.

*Nathaniel is still unsuccessful at getting out of his crib, nor is he showing any signs of wanting to as long as he doesn't see us. So hopefully (and thankfully!), it will be a while before we have to convert his crib to a toddler bed. I don't think I'm ready for that transition yet.

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  1. We have to lower Matthew's crib because he's starting to pull himself up now. I hope your little prisoner will stay put and not attempt any more escapes!

  2. I'm hoping we have a while before that happens here. But my oldest was only 18 months when she first climbed out of the crib!


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