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"You're not my kid!"

This past weekend, we were at our local mall's playground and my husband picked Nathaniel up and started giving him kisses. Suddenly, my silly old husband said, "Wait! You're not my kid!"

If looks could kill, Dean would be dead 30 times over from the death stares from the parents. It wasn't just the moms who gave him dirty looks---dads, too! They really looked like they were ready to pry our son off his hands.

And I was mortified! I didn't know if should laugh, be angry or if I should pretend I didn't know my husband. Dean, on the other hand, thought it was the greatest thing.

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  1. What a cutey! ~ Great photos ~ thanks, namaste, carol (A Creative Harbor) linked w MYM

  2. dropping by for MYM, I hope you can also visit my share at and show some love.. see you!!

  3. He's such a heartrob!Here's my share at MYM:


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