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2nd Birthday: Milk & Cookies Party

We celebrated Nathaniel's second birthday early this past Saturday and the theme was Milk & Cookies. I was pretty much a mad crazy woman in the kitchen all week long baking 12+ dozen cookies. It was a lot of work (and waiting for the cookies to bake!) but it was all worth it in the end.

Keeping up with the theme, Nathaniel's birthday cake was shaped as two chocolate chip cookies---two since he is turning two years old :) My husband designed and decorated the cake and everyone thought it was such a clever cake.

Two Stacked Chocolate Chip Cake
8-inch marble cake covered in caramel-flavored fondant
and Hershey Kisses as chocolate chips

In the craziness of it all, I forgot to order these paper straws and I would have had to pay $18 dollars for overnight shipping. My prime membership with Amazon had just expired but fortunately, my brother-in-law came to the rescue. I really think they completed the overall look of the theme and I'm so, so glad we had them.

We served Strawberry, Chocolate and Regular milk. There was also soy and almond milk (not pictured) for the lactose intolerant guests, which there were quite a few considering we're Asians :)

I baked four different kinds of cookies and I'm so thankful there were only about three dozen left after the party. (Cookies for breakfast, anyone?) I decorated a few brown lunch bags and used them as giveaways/favors.

We also served fruit (not pictured) at the side as another/healthier option especially since there were several toddlers attending the party.

Stay tuned for pictures of Nathaniel blowing his birthday candle and opening his gifts!

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