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Top 11 of 2011

It was so difficult to pick only eleven photos as my top favorites for 2011! I really think I spent two hours creating this post because I kept switching the photos. Whew! I also noticed that I am not in any of my favorite photos :( Therefore, my goal is to be in at least one next year! 

Well, here are the Top 11 of 2011 in no particular order.

Nathaniel thinks he is such a grown up drinking
"coffee" in a mug just like Mommy.
(In reality, he is drinking milk.)
And one of the best parts of being a Stay-at-Home Mom?
I get to eat breakfast with this little guy every single day.

 I am picking the photo on the left for the Top 11
but feel that I need to show both for you to truly understand:
The morning before, Nathaniel was pantless when
I picked him up in his crib. That morning, I found him like this.
 We were at the playground and my husband Dean picked up
Nathaniel and started giving him kisses.
Suddenly, Dean said, "Wait! You're not my kid!"
If looks could kill, Dean would be dead 30x over
from the death stares from the parents.

"Adventurous Toddler Feet"
  My son is a true explorer.

"Kissy Face"
  I was trying to capture Nathaniel's natural highlights
and he looked up to give me this kissy face :)

 I am absolutely in love with my son's laughter.
It is music to my soul.

"Chubby Feet"
 Nathaniel looks very much like a toddler
but his hands and feet are still remnants of his babyhood.

Nathaniel loved Santa Claus...from a distance.

There is just something so peaceful and heart strings-tugging about watching these two nap together. It also gives me a couple of hours by myself  and do whatever my heart desires.

 Nathaniel ran his first 1-mile run with Daddy;
not even two-years old and already a runner!

 Exploring the beach with a stick and pausing to watch the beautiful sunset

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  1. I love these. I especially love the morning cup of coffee picture. So sweet! :)

  2. Aw great pics! I love Chubby Feet and Sunset!

  3. Happy New Year to you & family, Diana! I love the last shot!!!

    You should check out my girl's advice for 2012:!/photo.php?fbid=330730003617768&set=a.159073987450038.33768.147942468563190&type=1&theater

  4. I have enjoyed so many of these photos previously and I am enjoying them just as much now. You have def. captured some memorable moments of your son and hubby. However, I think you are like me......we need to make a goal to get in more photos with our family next year.

    Thanks for joining us again and Happy New Year.

  5. These are so wonderful. Some of my favorites are in there. I am so glad you joined us. Happy New Year!

  6. Wow! I really love your use of different angles!! The one of his feet shows just how small he is! And the one of him in the bushes! Such a boy! I love it!! Thanks for linking up with us! I always enjoy seeing your images!


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