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Car Troubles

My husband's truck started having issues late last month and after spending $1200+, they are now telling us the engine needs to be replaced. A used one costs $3000 and a new one is $5000+. At this point, we might as well use that money as a down payment towards a new vehicle. The truck is a 2002 Ford Ranger so it is fairly odd.

We were hoping to wait to upgrade to a larger vehicle for a few more years so now we're not really sure what to do. Do we buy a new vehicle or a newly used one? Or should we just suck it up for a while and just become a one car family? It will work but it will be tough on me and Nathaniel. I would have to drop Dean off to work on the days that we need the car, which means I would have to wake up the little one reeeeeally early.

We're not really sure what to do at the moment so prayers would be greatly appreciated.

***About the pictures: there was a strong snow storm on our drive down to Georgia so we were forced to stop multiple times in the middle of the interstate. To pass the time, we tossed a football.