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Car Troubles

My husband's truck started having issues late last month and after spending $1200+, they are now telling us the engine needs to be replaced. A used one costs $3000 and a new one is $5000+. At this point, we might as well use that money as a down payment towards a new vehicle. The truck is a 2002 Ford Ranger so it is fairly odd.

We were hoping to wait to upgrade to a larger vehicle for a few more years so now we're not really sure what to do. Do we buy a new vehicle or a newly used one? Or should we just suck it up for a while and just become a one car family? It will work but it will be tough on me and Nathaniel. I would have to drop Dean off to work on the days that we need the car, which means I would have to wake up the little one reeeeeally early.

We're not really sure what to do at the moment so prayers would be greatly appreciated.

***About the pictures: there was a strong snow storm on our drive down to Georgia so we were forced to stop multiple times in the middle of the interstate. To pass the time, we tossed a football.


  1. Well, I am a strong advocate of the used car choice. One that you can buy outright. E and I have a strict "no car payment" rule and I tell ya... It saves A LOT of money in the long run. And, so far, we haven't paid more than about $5,000 for any of our cars. In my opinion, it's well worth it to get a slightly older car and skip the monthly payment.

  2. I hear you. It is really hard having only one car.I have a friend who bought a $4,000 second hand car from a friend,she is still using it it and its almost 4 years now. Your friend is right no monthly payment is better. Just save up some of that money and wait until you can pay it off. It feels so good when you drive your car and you know it is really yours. I have a Crv car that my husband bought 2008 I paid it off last year and it feels so good.

  3. We have paid off both our vehicles, and I would rather, at this moment make the monthly payments and not have the fear of major repair cost because for the next 5 years the vehicle will be covered under warranty.


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