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Life As Is

My relationship with the military remains to be love-hate. For example, what are we doing living in Georgia when all the Super Bowl festivities are going on in our hometown? But then opportunities like last Saturday happens and I am so thankful we are a military family.


This past Saturday, I had the pleasure of meeting Hannah (at Life As Is) and her adorable little boy in person. I have been following her blog for more than two years now and "witness" little Aiden grow up from when he was still in his mommy's tummy to now when he is about to turn two years old.

We got together at a beautiful little town of Greensboro, GA where I also took Aiden's two year old pictures. He's a typical toddler where you have to run to keep up with him but we all know I have plenty of practice from my own little toddler. And with those be-a-uuuuu-ti-ful blue eyes? I'll gladly chase him all day.

And Hannah is also as lovely as she seems in her blog. I forgot to snap a picture of all of us but thankfully, I know for sure this wouldn't be the last time our family will get together. We are attending Aiden's two year old birthday party in a few weeks and we already have plans to visit a few places in GA and go berry picking! I know it sounds cheesy but I truly believe this is the beginning of beautiful real-life friendship.


  1. These look GREAT!!! These will be perfect for the party!

    I hope you enjoy living in GA and I'm excited to have you as a real-life friend now, too!


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