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My right wrist and elbow have been hurting a lot lately that it has forced me to take a break from blogging, picture taking and photo editing. For years, I have suspected I have carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) but it has always been manageable up to this point. I saw my doctor last week and I have an appointment with occupational therapy next week. However, when I initially saw my doctor, I was convinced that it was only CTS. But for the past few days, the pain has moved into my elbow and pinky finger. Median nerve (the nerve that is pinched with CTS) shouldn't affect the little pinky. So now I'm thinking another nerve (ulnar) is now also affected :( The best way for me to describe what I'm feeling is having your blood pressure checked then leaving the cuff inflated.

So I probably won't be blogging very much until hopefully this is resolved. However, you can keep up with us by checking out my Instagram (@dianastlouis) page where I post several photos a day. It's quick, easy and doesn't require the usage of my right hand :) Anyway, I hope to be back soon.


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