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Home Project: Popcorn Ceiling Removal

More than a week ago, we started the process of removing our hideous popcorn ceiling. Well, we have professional people doing it. But even with that, our place is still quite a mess. They have to make a make-shift containment area to keep the dust/mess in the room they are currently working in, wet the ceilings, scrape the popcorn, mud it, then scrape it smooth. After that, they have to prime it then two coats of the ceiling paint. Whew!

I am quickly losing enthusiasm and patience and cannot wait until our house is back to normal. It doesn't help that I have to entertain a toddler while in a contained space and I can only do that so much. Last week, we spent the majority of the days outside (him playing, me doing yard work). But lately, he's been asking to stay inside. (I know! My son begging to go inside? Never happened before). Anyway, I am exhausted!

In the photo: living room.

If you don't know what popcorn ceiling looks like, then check out the photo below (in the photo: Nathaniel's bedroom ceiling). It looks like dried cottage cheese on the ceiling. It doesn't didn't bother me as much but my husband despises it. But I do agree that it collects dusts between the tiny, little crevices that are pretty difficult to remove. And that's annoying. Popcorn ceiling also cracks when wet and we've already noticed a few especially in the master bathroom. Overall, removing the popcorn ceiling is a good thing so we decided to use some of our tax return money for this home improvement. It also raises property value since this is so early '80s trend and why they added it on a house built in 2000, we'll never know. And now that most of our ceilings are done, I'm really glad we did this! The house looks amazing and modern, the ceiling looks higher which opens up the space and the room looks bright because of the white paint.

Even with this set up, dust still gets everywhere. And after sanding the mud, ohmyword. Dust continues to "fly" too after days so I've given up dusting and cleaning the house after a week. Like Hubby's computer desk, which I'm currently using to type this? *sigh* I just look away.

See? Mess.

This project has taken longer, too, because of our sophisticated ceilings. See how it's not just the typical flat ceiling? And it's not just in the living room; we also have a much more intricate detailed ceiling in our dining room, master bedroom, and master bath. So those corners have to be smooth and perfect. It also didn't help that people started getting sick (days off, half days, etc.) and I have a super picky, meticulous husband and e-ver-y-thiiiiiing has to be perfect. I do understand his reasoning, though: if we're going to pay someone a huge chunk of money to do this, it better be flawless.

At this point, the ceilings at the guest bedroom, main bath, Nathaniel's room, dining and living room, foyer, hallways and master bath are done. Seems like a lot but we still have the laundry room, kitchen and master bedroom to finish! Then painting. Oy.

But I can't wait to show the after pictures. I didn't take very much before pictures before the painting started (I'm keeping a toddler entertained, remember?) but that sad, boring wall paint you see in these pictures is pretty much our entire house. And the colors we chose? Mwahahahaha.


  1. I'm not a fan of the popcorn ceiling either! Can't wait to see the after pictures.

  2. Where are the after pictures? Im not a fan also.. I have few friends who also removed their popcorn ceiling.

  3. Wow! That's a lot of work. Im also not a fan of popcorn ceiling and changing the paint color can entirely make a different mood in house.

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