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Raised Vegetable Garden: Digging

Yesterday, I started the process of building my raised vegetable garden at our backyard. I thought it was going to take me the entire week to dig a 4x10 4x12 feet of land but I actually finished it all in one day! We Hubby should install the wood side barrier sometime this week/weekend and hopefully, I can transfer my little plants soon after that! And surprisingly, my right arm didn't hurt at all except the very few times I over "twist" my wrist from shoveling.

(Top-Bottom, Left-Right)
1  Halfway done with digging my raised bed! It actually ended up being 2 feet longer. Oops.
2  Bag of dirt obstacle
3  Nathaniel stepped on a fire ant hill :( Dada missed this ONE hill last weekend when he treated the yard and of course, Nathaniel found it.
4  More digging
5  Taking a break from digging and riding the horsey swing together instead.
6  In the Philippines, whenever little children do this, they say it's because they are asking for a sibling :)
7  I saw so many earth worms, which  makes me happy because that means I have a healthy soil! I accidentally chopped a lot of them, too. Thankfully, they have the ability to regenerate.
 8  Child labor
9  Done! 4x12 feet.
10  Swinging from the outside.
11  Yup, he's a daredevil.
 12  What the heck?! He's chasing our dog Riley with the hat over his face. In the last picture, I asked him to smile and he said, "Click!" while pretending to take a picture.