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Top 5 of January to March

Here are my top five favorite photos of Nathaniel in no particular order:

I woke up one morning and realized I'm no longer a mommy to a baby :( Nathaniel is growing up so fast! (We are also trying to grow out his hair.)

"Jumping with Mr. Potato"
Someone obviously needs to visit and stay with us so I'll have a reason to decorate the guest bedroom :) However, it is now painted light green! (Side note: we bought a house last November) 

 We have been blessed with plenty of days with warm weather down here in Georgia. (This photo was taken in early February!) We have been spending lots of time outdoors and have since become 5 shades darker compared to this picture. I spend most of the day doing yard work/gardening while Nathaniel plays and chases our dog. (See the weeds in the picture? Arrgh...) And right where Nathaniel is standing has now become my raised vegetable garden, too.

I was contacted by a Tea Collection representative last December to do a review and host a giveaway. This is one of the photos from my Tea Collection photoshoot. It has only been two months ago but Nathaniel looks so baby-ish!

"Smile! Click!"
If Nathaniel doesn't look away or pretend I'm not there when I'm taking his picture, he mocks me by pretending he has a camera, too. (In the photo: we were unloading dirt for my raised bed veggie garden and took a second to take a picture because the lighting was just heavenly!)



  1. These are all such sweet shots - you have an adorable little boy!

  2. these are all great shots--I LOVE that second shot!!

  3. Love the peek-a-boo shot! He is so cute!

  4. Ohhhhh my goodness!!!! I love them all. I miss seeing your photos! That second one is great.

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