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Easter Eggs 2012

Nathaniel and I dyed our Easter eggs today. I really wanted to give natural dyeing a try this year but with Hubby working the Augusta Masters, I just didn't have the extra hand/help available. So I chose to use the Kool-Aid method that I found from Hey! Jen Renee.

I bought 7 different Kool-Aid packets and they were still cheaper than the pre-packaged dye kits. And I probably could have even bought less flavors since I was able to achieve more colors by either soaking the eggs longer, removing them right away, or diluting the solution.

I used mason jars and old bottles because they came with lids. As you can see, one second Nathaniel was showing me "pay-ple" (purple) and the next second, he was picking it up. Can you imagine the mess if we had used disposable, limpy cups? Yikes!

Nathaniel dropped helped put the eggs inside the jars, which cracked them a little bit. Oopss. And while we were waiting for the eggs to soak in the colors (which doesn't take long at all!), he was doing his favorite part of Easter Egg dyeing: eating the eggs. I learned from last year's experience, so I made sure to cook extra just for eating right away this time.

Ready to peak in?

My original violet/indigo egg turned dark and black, so I diluted the mixture for the next egg and allowed it to be soaked for just a little while. And my yellow remained barely yellow for the longest time so I rinsed the egg and followed the natural way and used Turmeric.

I am very impressed with the results and I think we will dye our Easter eggs this way from now on. No waiting more than half an hour per egg, no vinegar needed (although the smell doesn't really bother me anyway), cheaper than the dye kit and the colors are really vibrant! I'm so happy I was even able to achieve (an almost) ROYGBIV.

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