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Help Me Choose a Short Hair Style!

Since high school, I have always wanted to donate my hair to Locks of Love. But every time the weather starts to get hot, I end up chopping my hair to just below shoulder length. I gave up the idea in college and in my early years as an RN and just never thought I'd have the patience to stick with it. Well, it has been a year and half since I vowed to really do it this time. It helped a lot that my hair stylist resides in Indiana and I refuse to have anyone else cut it. The one time I did in California, it was such a mess.

Here I am with semi-wet and unstyled hair. I've given up blow drying it since it takes more than half an hour and that's just not realistic when you have a toddler. Instead, I've embraced and emphasize my naturally beach wavy-hair.

But I am finally getting it cut next week! I am going back and forth between getting it cut to my old college hairstyle (short & layered) or going bold and try a different style and/or cut super short. I know for sure that I want to keep my bangs since... blah, let's admit it, I've gained a lot of weight and it helps conceal my always chubby and now even chubbier face.

So will you help me decide? Here are the short hair styles I'm considering in no particular order:

One and Two (they may be the same cut)

Three and Four

Five and Six

Seven (my old college hair style) and Eight

Nine and Ten (I won't actually do this since I have a naturally chubby, round face but I adore this hair cut!)

Based on these pictures, it seems the consensus is that I want a Bob-type hairstyle. Whether I'll do a short or long bob, I don't know! But this alone is already out of my norm since I usually get my front layered. So what do you think?