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TWO Men in a Tub

Nathaniel and I safely arrived yesterday late afternoon here in Indiana. God definitely watched over us and was with us throughout the travel. We started early and left around 6:15am, just as my husband left for work, too. We were blessed with great driving weather and very minimal traffic. When Nathaniel napped after only an hour (10a-11a) with five more hours of driving to go, I was for sure we would have a bad rest of the trip. But he did great! His brain on the other hand is a different story. I am sure it is mushed from watching Monsters, Inc (twice), The Incredibles, Dora the Explorer and Word World. He is not allowed to watch TV for the rest of his life! Well... maybe again in two weeks when we're on our way back to Georgia ;)

My nephew Daniel is spending the evening and all day tomorrow with us since my sister is on call at the hospital tonight. The dynamics between these two is so much better compared to when we were last here (December). They rarely fight and in fact, they are harmoniously playing together! We have even dubbed them "Pete" and "Repeat" because they just copy each other. Sometimes that gets them in trouble but most of the time, it's just plain adorable.


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