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Augusta GreenJackets

This past Monday, Nathaniel attended his first baseball game! Thanks to the Augusta GreenJackets and their military appreciation/support, we were given free tickets, food vouchers, and gift card to use at the store. Dean was honored and thanked for his service during the middle of the 5th inning. And Nathaniel had a great time cheering for the home team and swinging his imaginary baseball bat (2nd to the last photo). We had incredible seats and the visiting team gave Nathaniel a used baseball. We unfortunately did not get to finish the game because at the beginning of 7th inning, there was a really, REALLY loud thunder (which scared the bejezzus out of Nathaniel!) and the lightning even hit the post in front of us. The game was paused but then there was a mandatory 30-minute wait before resuming the game. It was already past Nathaniel's bedtime and that would have meant going to bed even later. But the GreenJackets won and we hope to go back again soon.

Fun fact: the photo of Nathaniel eating popcorn--that was him telling me to stop taking pictures.