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Natural Exfoliator

This was Nathaniel's look for most of last week. He really loved the beach! Every day since we have been back from vacation, he has been asking to "go to beeeecht (beach) and play toys!" This was our third (and last) full day at the beach and that evening, I remember his hair was soooo full of sand. Hours later, he was still spreading sand every where (thanks to his long hair) and when I bathe him that evening, the bottom bathtub had a thin layer of sand!

And don't you just love his killer eyelashes? I always tell him that if his future (imaginary) baby sister is ugly, it is all his fault because he took all the beauty and didn't leave any for her :) And he's not sleeping in the photo---although he and his cousin came very close to falling asleep while still playing. Nathaniel just didn't want me to take his picture so he looked down. Typical.