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Summer Activities and Great Photo Opportunity

I decided to compile a list of spring/summer activities for the times when I can't think of what we should do and/or pictures to take. They are really very simple and a great way to enjoy and spend family time. We have even already checked off a few from the list! I will repost this in a month or so and hopefully with a few more crossed off the list.

The original, complete list can be found at Willete Designs' 100 Summer Photo Opportunities.

1. Go to the beach. May 7-12: St. Simons Island, GA
2. Go on a bike ride.
3. Go to the story time at the local bookstore or library
4. Visit a local museum.
5. Visit a petting zoo/regular zoo/working farm.
6. Visit a local farmer's market
7. Go to the park.
8. Go to an outdoor concert.
9. Go watch a baseball game. May 14: Augusta GreenJackets
10. Go swimming.
11. Go feed the ducks. April 12
12. Go to a carnival or state fair.
13. Take a hike.
14. Take a boat ride.
15. Build a sand castle.
16. Plant a garden. March 2012
17. Grow some flowers. March 2012
18. Grow vegetables. March 2012
19. Pick your own fruits/veggies. April 10
20. Have a sidewalk chalk art show.
21. Make fresh lemonade.
22. Make ice cream.
23. Get an ice cream from the ice cream truck. March 18
24. Eat a watermelon. May 15
25. Cook out.
26. Make s'mores.
27. Have a picnic.
28. Make sun tea.
29. Blow bubbles.
30. Fly a kite.
31. Watch the fireworks.
32. Light some sparklers.
33. Make homemade playdough.
34. Eat a popsicle.
35. Bake cookies.
36. Have a playdate at your house.
37. Swing on a swingset.
38. Play catch.
39. Stare at the clouds.
40. Watch the stars at night.
41. Have a water balloon fight.
42. Fill a kiddie pool up in the backyard and play!
43. Play outside in the rain.
44. Play in the sprinkler and hose.
45. Look for the rainbow after a rainstorm.