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Blueberry Picking

Nathaniel and I went blueberry and blackberry picking this morning at Sweet Water Creek Farm. He definitely ate more than he picked. I now also understand why blueberries are pretty pricey! The berries have to be picked individually if you want to harvest only ripe berries and keep them from getting bruised. Although these are very well priced. I paid $7.50 for three pounds of blueberries and half a pound of blackberries! I would have picked more blackberries especially since they are so, so sweet but it started raining. We will definitely be buying our fruit there for as long as the season allows.

At one point, Nathaniel looked like he was gagging and he was making funny faces. I quickly ran to him to see if he was ok (I was worried he might be having an allergic reaction) but it turns out, he was eating an unripe blackberry. He thought they were raspberries (they looked like it after all) and because he knows spitting food is a big no-no, he was being a trouper and toughing it up. I just had to laugh.

And I guess I don't have an excuse not to make this anymore :) Hubby has been asking me to make that pie for almost a year now and I've been telling him to wait until blueberry picking season. Well, it's finally here.


  1. It looks like so much fun! I'm sorry I couldn't go. N didn't even wake up until about 9:30. ha ha

    Let me know when you go next and we'll try again. :)

  2. These photos are gorgeous... and so is that little boy! I have been following you for a while but haven't stopped by lately! So glad I did! HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!


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