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Little Spidey to the Rescue (Perforated Eardrum)

My little Spidey came to Mommy's rescue yesterday. I had a doctor's appointment because I haven't been able to hear with my left ear since Monday. I suspected it was just another ear infection (same symptoms as last May 2011) so I didn't see any harm in bringing Nathaniel with me. While inspecting my ear, Nathaniel was holding my hand and constantly saying, "Don't worry, Mommy. I'll protect you." However, the doctor was having trouble visualizing all of my ear (he thought it was due to ear wax) so he ordered for my ear to be irrigated. As a nurse, you would think I'm tough when it comes to these things. No, I'm a baby. A big, fat, baby. But turns out, I had a reason to be afraid because that's when everything started to go downhill.

There was immediate pain in my ear and throat as soon as the nurse injected the half water, half hydrogen peroxide solution in my ear. It is normal to have some discomfort so I toughen it out. But after the third squirt, the pain became very excruciating and I got really dizzy. I had to lay down and pretty much squeeze my head to help stop the pain. I started crying because Nathaniel stopped talking but refused to let go of my hand. After quickly looking at my ear, that's when they found that it has a tear/hole and is now bleeding. I had to stay in the office until I'm well enough to stand and pain was tolerable. Nathaniel just laid on top of me and hugged me tight. He didn't want to talk and he didn't cry also. I was terrified I traumatized my kid and kept telling him I was alright.

I have an ENT referral although most perforated tympanic membrane (ruptured eardrum) heal on their own within a month or two. I was prescribed ear drops, which we had to wait almost two hours at the military pharmacy. In hindsight, I should have just asked for a written prescription and paid the co-pay somewhere else (military personal in uniform always go first so us civilians have to wait for a loooong time). Nathaniel did very well at both supporting me and waiting patiently as a two year old can be. It was already past our regular lunch time by the time we were done so when he asked for soup for lunch, we had an impromptu lunch date at Olive Garden. By the way, your toddler eat salad too, right?


  1. That is love from a son to his mother. Hope you are better now.

  2. feel better soon! be 100% for your vacay :) see ya soon.


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