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Hello Canvas

A little over a month ago, I won a 24x32 Hello Canvas by entering this quarterly top 5 favorite photos post on Sarah Halstead's link up. I debated for weeks which photo to use: wedding or family picture, one of my scenic photos, or just a photo of Nathaniel by himself. In the end, I obviously picked my favorite wedding photo. I really wanted to use one of our family pictures but I figured I probably should wait to have one done into a canvas when we are done having children/our family is complete. We originally planned on hanging the canvas in our bedroom but it was just so huge and pretty! So now, it is currently being showcased at our entry door. I also love the little pop of blue color from the table. We have discussed painting it a yellow-shade but I think for now, we are satisfied with it. And since I took this photo a couple weeks ago, I have added our photo books next to the flower.


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