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Purple Ombre Sprinkles Cake

4 layer 8-inch "white" cake with vanilla frosting and sprinkles

For my birthday, I decided to make an ombre cake using my favorite color: purple. I didn't execute it very well because (1) I forgot to make a fifth layer in just white to really accentuate the ombre and (2) I didn't divide the batter very well because I was too lazy to take the extra step and use my food scale and actually evenly divide the batter instead of eyeballing it (and the scale is already sitting on my kitchen counter!). But it was delicious and it was fun to see the children's reaction to see a "purple" cake as my husband cut the first slice. I hope to have a chance to make an ombre cake again really soon.


  1. It's beautiful! Did you have to use a lot of food coloring to achieve that level of purple?


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