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Ballerina Princess Cake

Dark Chocolate Cake with mini chocolate chips
Vanilla icing
Pink and Purple ruffled fondant

I cannot believe I managed to pull off this Princess Ballerina cake with 4+ hours till the party left to go. I have been so busy at work that I wasn't able to practice prior like I wanted. I was so stressed out about making this cake the day of that I dreamed the night before that I drove all the way to the party without the cake. And when I came back to pick it up, the cake was still not decorated. It was a nightmare, I'm telling you!

This is my first time working with ruffling the fondant so it gave me a hard time. But it got easier (and faster!) after the first two rows. I am also so, so thankful that I decided to purchase the wonder mold pan instead of using my own bowls and carving the cake myself. That and not making the bodice top (it already has one built in with the doll) definitely saved me a lot of time (and headache!). I also had to take the dolls legs off because she was about an inch taller than the cake (her foot are on that ballerina-tippie toe stance). But they snap back on so I just gave the legs to the mom so the birthday girl can still play with the ballerina Barbie later.