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RN Job #2

For the next two days, I will be at the new employee orientation for my second nursing job. Did I tell you about that? It is on the Neuro ICU floor so this is my home! A little over a month ago, I had an interview and was offered the position a day before my birthday. I wasn't going to accept a second job but like I said, Neuro ICU is my prior RN experience and I just couldn't say no. The next few weeks (maybe even months!) will be busy trying to balance and adjust to two new PRN (as needed) nursing jobs, life at home and well, just life in general. Prayers will definitely be appreciated.

I'll be missing this Spiderman-crazed little guy but I know he will have a great time with his Dada. My husband thankfully has Mondays and Tuesdays off (or at least for the next few more weeks). They rarely ever get to spend time alone by themselves so I know this is a great bonding time opportunity for them, too.