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Top 5 of July to September

Nathaniel is potty trained! It took us a week to be completely diaper-less (except for bedtime). He regressed a month later but after three weeks, he is now back to being fully potty trained.

"Lola's Visit"
My Mom and Nathan came for a quick visit during my birthday weekend and it was just exactly what we all needed after the loss of E.D. These two were inseparable.

"Spiderman Pillowcase"
The reason our transition from the crib to the toddler bed went so smoothly! Nathaniel had to sleep in his "big boy bed" for a week without getting up and the reward was this pillow.

I have always wanted to take this kind of photo: Nathaniel lighted by just the tablet. It was during a summer thunderstorm so it was extra special dark. He was watching Blues Clues on Netflix and wearing his swimming arm floaties. But my favorite part? His shirt. It says, "My Mom Rocks" :)

"Family Picture"
A photo! With ME in it! Best part? You see that little black remote I'm holding with my right hand? Yup, I took this photo myself :) Best birthday gift ever.

Expect a Runners Up post soon for the photos that didn't make the cut!