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Color Me Rad

Last Saturday, I ran my first 5k with Hubby! We ran the Color Me Rad when they came to Columbia, SC. The idea is you start with clean, white clothing and they throw (both dry and wet) colored corn starch on you as you run. Dean actually left me after a little over half a mile because my slow pace was hurting his knees. He finished his run then met me at the finished line (10ish minutes later), where we crossed it together. The beauty of this 5k is it isn't time! Their rule is you just have to finish before the sun sets :)

I was supposed to run a similar one with my sister last July (The Color Run) but our Indiana trip was cancelled because I was in the process of losing Elijah Damaris. We and another married couple friends actually ran this for Elijah and Ruth James and hope to do run for them every year.