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High Fever

And so the days of calling off work because I have a sick child begins. Nathaniel is having high fevers again and even though our babysitter was still willing to take care of him, I just couldn't go to work knowing my child is sick. I made a promise to myself that work outside of home comes after being a wife and a mom. But I am questioning now whether I should have called off work as I listen to Nathaniel laughing as he plays with our dog, Riley. But even though his fever is under control, I still need to take him to his pediatrician. His fevers are averaging greater than 102F and he had high fevers last week too while Hubby's family were in town. Obviously, whatever it is causing the fever is back again. It could be as simple as teething, an ear infection, strep throat, a nasty virus going around. But I'd rather be safe than sorry.