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Halloween Mantel

Better late than never right? I have been meaning to share these photos for a couple weeks now but just haven't had the time to sit down and edit them. I tried to keep our Halloween mantle kid friendly since Nathaniel's imagination is beginning to soar and everything is either super amazing or super scary. I know if it was up to my husband, it will be gory and full supernatural things. Yuck.

The branches are from our backyard that I spray painted black. (I'm actually thinking about re-spraying them with white and glitter to use for Christmas!) I used one of Nathaniel's craftS from school and made the potions using water and food coloring. I really wanted a stack of potions books too but I wasn't willing to pay what the stores were asking so I just used my Wicked series books. And lastly, the fabric banner is my second sewing project. (We finally purchased a sewing machine last month!). The mantle is definitely still not done to my liking and I hope to build more upon it during the next couple years.