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Merry Christmas!

This year, there are so many Christmas tradition and activities we just poorly did or did not even do at all. Going back to work (and planning Nathaniel's birthday party) has proven to be more challenging that I thought. I wanted to make homemade batch of cookies with Nathaniel for Santa but since I worked Christmas Eve, we had to settle to presenting cookies from the frozen dough we bought from a fundraising event. Our Elf, Krispie, did not make an appearance until four days ago. Nathaniel wanted a blue Christmas (the actual color) from Santa and the blue lights Santa added on the tree last night are barely visible. Our Christmas packages for our family in Indiana were just mailed this past Saturday. Oh, Hubby's gift? It will be arriving after Christmas (and that's with Amazon Prime!). And we still have yet to see Santa...

Every year, I am learning. And if I continue to work and maybe (hopefully) another little one added in the mix, I want to be finished with all the major details of these last of the year events a lot sooner---like before Halloween. And I love gifting homemade gifts (but just doesn't seem to ever have enough time) so that means I have to start a lot, lot sooner.

Anyway, I realize that the true meaning and spirit of Christmas is being with family (and friends). And in that aspect, I am very, very happy and satisfied. So I pray you, my dear reader, are surrounded with love and joy, too. And know that our heart is heavy for those who cannot spend this wonderful holiday with their family.

Merry Christmas.