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Poison Control Center

This morning is a first for everything. I had to call the Poison Control Center because I had stupidly left these medications on our dining table last night. Last night, Hubby was in our bathroom (where I keep these) so I asked him to bring them on his way out. My eyes were super itchy and I needed to take my allergy meds now instead of my usual time (right before bedtime). Then I stayed up way too late wrapping presents (could barely keep my eyes open!) and forgot to put them up. So this morning, I woke up to the sound of Nathaniel, next to my bed, playing with the bottle cap. He was holding the Claritin bottle and it was unopened. I ask him to bring me my prescribed Folic Acid and my heart sank. It was loosely capped! :( I drilled him a billion times and every time, his answer is yes to taking the Folic Acid tablet.

I immediately called the Poison Control Center. I was notified that Folic Acid is non-toxic and should be fine if he took a few (or even a lot!) of that. Now, Claritin is something to worry about. They usually  require us to go to the emergency room if a child takes more than four pills. Thankfully, Nathaniel didn't and we are all convinced (PCC included) that he really didn't take any of them at all. I had to keep a close monitor on Nathaniel and refrain him from taking a nap for the next several hours. PCC called us two hours later to check up on Nathaniel and were given the go to let him nap if he wants to since the critical stage is over and he seems to be doing fine.

If you have never called Poison Control Center and do not know their number, it is 1(800) 222-1222. Please keep that number nearby even if you do not have (little) children at home. My experience with them was very pleasant and were very helpful with the situation and with calming my nerves! Nathaniel is fine and I think I will survive from my heart attack this morning.

Definitely major Mom Fail this morning, ya'll.