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3rd Birthday: The Amazing Spider-Man Party

Nathaniel begged everyday for six months to have a Spider-Man party for his third birthday. For the first part of the year, I was planning a pirate party but I had to dismissed all those ideas when his obsession to Spider-Man just went out of this world. I wasn't very thrilled about hosting such a commercialized character so I did most of the party details on my own. It also helped that I was able to play with my early Christmas present: the Silhouette Cameo!

I want to give a shout out to my family for helping! They helped so much during their quick visit. And with that, I think the best decision I made about this party is hiring someone else to bake the cake. So far, I have made all of Nathaniel's birthday cakes but I knew I wanted something better than my cake skills can do. And since we had family visiting, I didn't want to spend the entire day stressing about the cake when I should be spending time with them. Not making the cake also allowed me to focus more on the party details. And in the end, all my guilt about not making the cake quickly went away as soon as I saw the amazing Spider-Man cake. Laura's Sweet Creations did an amazing job executing our vision!

It took me a while to share this because I am just very disappointed with how my photos turned out :( The lighting wasn't great in the room but I didn't want to waste more time trying to find the perfect settings when I should/wanted to spend time with the birthday boy and the guests. But I finally accepted that it's about the memories created and remembered not how they were captured. So just please, be gentle when critiquing my photos :)

Invitation wording: Hubby
Spider-Man Cake: Laura's Sweet Creations
Cupcakes: Me (iced by my friend Michelle--thank you!)
Cupcake toppers: Me
"Peter Parker Pizza" Little Ceasars--pepperoni, sausage and cheese
"Doc Ock Hotdog" Hotdog, buns, condiments
"Venom-ous Berries" blueberries, raspberries
Red and blue sixlets chocolate candies
"Spidey Chips" Doritos and blue corn chips
"Green Goblin Punch" Hawaiian Punch: Green Berry Rush flavor
"Radioactive Water" customized wrapper: Me
Nathaniel banner: Me
Silverware rings: Me
Comic book sound effects: Me
Party Favor: Me
Nathaniel Spider-Man Caricature: Six Flags Over Georgia
3D Spider-Man balloon: Party City
Photography: Me


  1. I LOVE N's Party! And your pics!
    great job

  2. This is incredible! You did a great job!

  3. The party was gorgeous and so are your photos! Can't wait to see more of your 365!

  4. Truly it was an amazing Spider-Man Party. All the arrangements are just perfect and all arrangements are looking stunning. I also would be hosting such a party at the local venues in Chicago for my son’s 5th birthday and would love to use your décor ideas in this.


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