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Project 365: Week 3

15  He did it again. Nathaniel did not want to be picked up from school because "I'm playing with puzzles and I'm not done yet! Go away, Mommy."

16  I like my job but hate getting off so late (not so bad in the summer). If I could work 8-hour (even 10-hour!) shifts, that would be perfect.

17  Blue spikey ring as a treat from the doctor's office for being a good patient. Nathaniel had an ENT appointment and he needs tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy.

18  Vangogh and Vino with the Marine Spouses. We painted a peacock and I am so proud of my end result. I have no artistic bones in my body and the entire time, I was thinking, "Can I just take a pretty picture of a peacock?" ;)

19  Celebrated ten years of dating with Hubby! He surprised me a two-hour seven course dinner at La Maison at Telfair.

20  Hannah's Gender Reveal Party. Baby J #2 is a girl! And so thrilled to meet another blogger friend: Samantha from MyNovemberGuest.

21  We watched Hotel Transylvania at the second run movie theater. Nathaniel enjoyed the jokes. It really was a cute movie.